Our business

It started with an idea…

After the COVID-19 pandemic started, we noticed how fragile the building consultancy and construction business is, It is so dependent to oil prices in the Gulf region. The major consultancies cannot survive if they have no major jobs, if the oil prices are low; the government will not spend on major jobs, therefore, the consultancy and constructing is going to be restructured and will shrink to their core teams, MEP teams will be redundant in such businesses, so we decided to step up and fill the gap by helping these businesses on demand. This will help the sustainability of the business and will create opportunities for us. 

How can we help such businesses save money? 

Instead of hiring full time teams, paying salaries and indemnities when there is no work, businesses can hire us based on their demand. The businesses will not have to pay large sums for small volumes of work. The company overhead will then decrease and can survive for longer and can compete in the current tough markets.

When the idea came, we thought of our clients and we thought of our market, we have made a survey and we found that Architecture design firms and contracting companies will be looking for turnkey cost-effective solutions for building services. We decided to become the trusted source for MEP consultancy for our valued clients.


The Business was first created in 2020 with core team of MEP engineers and draftsmen who have no less than 10 years of experience in the GCC and mainly in Kuwait. The MEP team is led by Eng. Tarek Abo Asaly who has worked in SSH international, Option-1 International and in SQC international, Tarek has 13 years of Gulf experience, he is specialized in HVAC and has led major projects in Kuwait and in the Region.

Tarek is a LEED Green associate, ASHRAE Certified Healthcare Facility Design Professional (HFDP) and is certified by Kuwait MEW as a Certified Mechanical Engineer.

Tarek has partnered up with the talented and experienced Engineer, Gagandeep Khattar, who is leading the Electrical and ICT consultancy works.

Tarek and Gagan have diversified experience in design, supervision, site construction and contracting. Both have worked with major clients and in different sectors, they designed projects for the oil sector (KOC, KNPC, KIPRIC), Defence Sector, Private Sector, Educational Sector, Healthcare Sector, etc.

With Tarek leading the Mechanical work and Gagan leading the Electrical work, we can ensure our client the best quality they can possibly get.